Brookside Colorado History

Sue Cochran is the author for the town of Brookside and has written many history articles. As she creates more, they will get posted here.


Title Date Author
Overview of the town's history 8/29/2013 Sue Cochran
The Mines 8/29/2013 Sue Cochran
Movies, Moonshine, and Hell's Half Acre 8/29/2013  Sue Cochran
Rail Service 8/29/2013  Sue Cochran 
Ball - Brookside Bombers  8/29/2013  Sue Cochran 
Brookside School 8/29/2013 Sue Cochran
Columbian Lodge 8/29/2013 Sue Cochran
St Anthony's Church 8/29/2013 Sue Cochran
Town Government and Ordinances 10/1/2013 Sue Cochran


If others have interesting information about the history of Brookside, please contact Sue through the township.