Prison Information

Fremont county is home to many prisons from local and state to federal.



Fremont County Detention Center



East Canon Correctional Complex (CaƱon City) containing 4 prisons:

  • Arrowhead Correctional Center - 494 beds - Minimum Security
  • Four Mile Correctional Center - 499 beds - Minumum Security
  • Skyline Correctional Center - 249 beds - Working Camp
  • Pre-Release Center - transitional center

Centennial Correctional Facility - 336 beds - High Security

Colorado State Penitentiary - 756 beds - Maximum Security

Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility - 936 beds - Medium Security

Colorado Women's Correctional Facility - 224 beds - High Security

Fremont Correctional Facility - 1661 beds - Mimimum to Maximum Security

Colorado State Penitentiary II - 948 beds - Maximum Security

Southern Peaks Treatment Center- 128 beds - Juvenile center - Minimum Security



The Florence Federal Correcstional Complted has 3 prisons totalling 2800 beds:

  • Florence Federal Correctional Institution - Medium Security
  • Florence United Staes Penitentiary - High Securiy
  • The United Staes Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility - otherwise known as SUPERMAX. This facility is located at 5880 Hwy 67 in Florence. It is a 490 bed complex housing some of America's worst prisoners.


Here is a list of notable current prisoners of SUPERMAX

Here is a list of notable former prisoners of SUPERMAX

We will be adding more detail about the prisons in Fremont County in the near future. If you have information to contribute, please contact us.